Business Social Media is a social media platform designed for the business community. It enables professionals to network, promote, expand and grow their business, brand or careers. As with most social media has a News Stream where members can post interesting news for their followers to comment, upvote & share.

Whats more membership is FREE !
No limited access & No hidden charges, totally free to use !

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Projects & Events Timeline

Only a few weeks away from our News Stream launch, users will be able to post news, articles, images, links and more for their followers to see. Our News Stream will have some awesome features to help promote your posts and keep away trolls !!!

We are also working at many updates for the look of the profile pages

Check all this out in the next 3 weeks

Love this new logo

Google+ is gone so you need a place for posting business news. may just be the perfect place for you. Come & be an early adopter #earlyadopter #businessmedia

If you have a band or music of any sort create a free profile to highlight all your talents , get a free domain name and share in one click

SHUB.ONE 2.0 is LIVE online !! So excited to see it and all the profiles with the new layout and features

New logo and colour scheme

Almost all the issues ruled out , trying to make the web responsive version as smooth as possible and still allow users to read and scroll the information just as well as the web version

Full on beta testing in local environment many fixes and modification taking place

completed the first draft of the drawings, designs and wire frames, CODING TIME!

From the feedback we started to layout a plan for 2.0

Some great profiles have been set up and got some excellent feedback from our users

The beta version of launched

After many hours designing and re designing the layout and function for 1.0 coding started

Had a dream of creating a new easy to share business social hub, started drawing plans !!

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SHUB.ONE has just launched

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We have a bronze in the 10m swimming race We have the loudest burp award We have more to come, hopefully !

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