Why would I use has many great features to help promote you and your business, using our simple to use profile template you can create a stunning profile, the quick to use input fields allow you to add whatever you like - previous projects, resume, bio, feedback, qualifications, social media links, promo videos and much more, these field can then be drag and dropped into any order you want your profile visitors to see. Post updates and promote your business on our News Stream and follow other users and what they have to say. brings everything together in one beautiful place, making it simple for your fans and customers to find all your online content and more.

Does it cost to use is totally free to use which is great for 95% of its users. There is only a fee if you want to replace the discrete 3rd party advertising with your own advertising and links by using the Go Shub Pro feature.

How come is Free?

We rely on kind donations from people that love which is much appreciated. We also use 3rd party advertising which brings in a small amount. Finally we are also kept going by a few companies upgrading to Go Shub Pro. We don’t make a lot but it keeps the servers going !

Who uses

Everyone can use it, especially businesses & people that want to increase their brand awareness, it is great for Start Ups and Social Media influencers who really want the world to see what they have to offer.

I already have a business social media account, so why would I want a profile as well? has been created to give users a clean and clear profile page allowing them to promote what really matters to them and their customers. With you can create a personal business account to promote your own career and/or a company business account without the need to tie or link them together, this allows you to keep things simple and separate. The having several business social media accounts is no bad thing the more places you post online the better it is for search ranking and promotion helping you grow !

Can I simply share all users links & details?

Yes we have a simple way for you to share all the URL’s, links & details from any profile using a simple share feature called Smail (Shub Mail) just click the Copy Button & paste the generated text anywhere you like, its so ridiculously simple to share your own or another users details on any system you like - text - email - IM's - Social Media.

How will help my online business?

By gathering all your online content into one profile you help new users find all of your content and media, using good keywords allows business to find new customers who are searching, also helps with SEO and backlinking which is crucial in todays online battle to stay on top. Posting and promoting in the News Stream will allow your followers to check out you exciting news

As an Social Media influencer how do I benefit from

Most Social Media sites limit the external links you can display, so by linking your username in your existing SM sites you can direct people to all your content thus spreading your influence further.

As a business why do I need username?

With so much online content, websites, emails, contact numbers, addresses, social media sites, hashtags, links and usernames its very hard to fit it all into a small space on an advert, business card, flyer, billboard, side of a vehicle or anywhere else,. Instead of cramming it all in just direct potential customers and fans to your username where they can find direct links to everything you want them to see.

I don’t have a website can I use

Absolutely yes, is perfect for users without websites as it brings all their online content to one page and gives them the option to add a bio, and lots of other important info they want to share at no cost. With a well written profile users doesn’t really need a website !

I'm a musician, how does help me and my fans?

With a profile you can link all your streaming , video and Social Media accounts and write a great bio for your fans, while also keeping them up to date with your gigs using the 'News Stream' feature.

My start up needs to grow how can help?

As a start up you can use to direct new users to all your online content, websites, apps, crowdfunding and social media accounts, building all important traffic to help you grow and by using good keywords and hashtags it raises brand awareness. Posting news and links in the New Stream builds up awareness and promotion which can be shared by other users.

How do i find all my online profile's URL's?

All online profiles are slightly different but it's actually quite simple. The best way is to log into your account and head to your own page usually by clicking home or my profile. Once you are there look at the top browser box it may only say the name of the website you are on, but once you click in the browser box it will change to the full URL and turn blue, at this point you can copy it (Mac - CMD C / Windows - CTRL C). Now that it is copied you can paste it straight into (Mac - CMD V / Windows - CTRL V) For example your Facebook URL would look like this.... " " (The word username in this example would actually be your name)

There is News Stream feature, how does it work?

Users can post and promote in the News Stream as many times as they want, Followers of a profile will see these posts in their News Stream much like every other Social Media site. The posts will appear in chronological order Followers and up and down votes posts as well as comment and share The Share feature allows users to share a post where ever they like, i.e messenger, email, text, IM, Social Media

What does do with my links and details?

In a word nothing, all the information you add to your profile is already online and out there for the world to see, so it has no value to us, your profile is merely a platform to direct fans and customers find your online content in one place.