Autocroc is a Free to use Auto Marketplace to Buy & Sell vehicles & parts and also a place find local auto businesses & services.

Quick and full access to everything auto with links to sellers websites and social media pages.
Available via our Website & Mobile apps (iOS & Android)

Why pay for selling your vehicles and parts when you can sell for FREE !

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Everyday new users are listing their cars for and paying nothing !!



Members of the SEIS scheme

Members of the SEIS Scheme

Our video to promote the 1966 Porsche 912 that is for sale

Autocroc is looking for investment to take it to the next level by introducing new features and increase marketing. check out our proposal at the SEIS website

Autocroc promo video

Nice Jag sold on Autocroc

Autocroc Promo Car Wash

A Little Viral Autocroc Video

Autocroc Intro Video

Autocroc GIF image, How cool is this ??

The Autocroc Team are off to LeMans 24hr, wish us luck

Gary "Penfold" Watson joins the team, Penfold will be helping with our social media and also beta testing of new products, he has a keen eye for detail so will be an asset to the team

Kristine Johnston joins Autocroc as our technology marketer, to help with demand generation and build the brand. She will manage social media and email campaigns.

Social Media campaign in full swing

THE CROC joins the team! "Croc" will been head of entertainment, soon to be starring in some viral videos, he can also be seen at our car shows so come and visit our stand if you want a photo with him, bring food though he does bite when hungry !

After many, many modifications and additions made, the site was looking good and people were actually finding the site and listing cars from various places all over the world without us even marketing it at all, this was encouraging but it's free to use so people just were! (everyone loves FREE)

Beta version launch on web and app store for Live testing

Designs and wireframes were complete for the website & apps versions of Autocroc, now the coding started ! we now also had our croc mascot finalised

After drawing up some early plans and notes i met up with a friend of mine Ross a car dealer to brainstorm and see what we both really wanted to see in a free marketplace.
After trawling the competition we had our list of likes and dislikes, Ross came on board and we set to work designing our Auto Marketplace .......

I had a garage full of classic car parts and VW camper parts that i needed to sell, some with little monitory value but useful to someone. My only real option to sell cost more in fees and charges then was worth bothering.
I had an idea! create a site that i could let people sell auto parts for FREE .... Autocroc was born

Autocroc Founders Adrian (caps jersey) & Ross playing a bit of the sport we love on a frozen lake

Founder of Autocroc - Ross Tremain

Founder of Autocroc - Adrian Wheeler

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The Free to Sell Auto Marketplace
find cars, parts, local garages all for FREE
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Ford Mustang Mach 1 Fastback 1970

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Autocroc is looking for investors to take us to the next level !
Feel free to contact us if you would like to speak.
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Autocroc has a new social media director, big annoucement very soon !!
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