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Hello, thanks for checking out my profile here on our little creation

So why did we create Well the answer is simple we felt the need for a new social media site that focuses on promoting brands and businesses, giving professionals a place to share details and news without all the fuss, buttons, options and alerts that you find on other social media sites, also we wanted to create a News Stream that limits the trolls, spam and fake news ...

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Updates added to and more users signing up

PRESS RELEASE Launches business social media platform.

London UK - Today sees the launch of the eagerly anticipated business social media platform. A new platform for both B2B and B2C businesses to promote their brand, products and services. With a host of features on the platform to help businesses of all sizes and particularly those that sit within the SME and Micro categories.
The creators of say “Small, medium and micro (freelance) businesses have been left to fight for virtual space amongst corporates for too long. We built this platform for them and for their customers.” says Mark Fryer, founding partner.
The current features include:
• The ability for anyone to share details with a click (tap). This allows the user to share however they need to via SMS, Messenger App, email and so on.
• Ability to review as often as required.
• An area where all current social media & external links can be added.
• A resume & project timeline with photos videos and links
• Profile page with full bio, contact details, promo video links (Youtube, Vimeo etc).
• Unique user QR code for easy sharing
• News feed for businesses to post updates to business followers.
• Up/Down vote feature on news feed comments. Great for routing out any unsavoury or unwanted posts.
With many more features currently in the pipeline for staggered release and mobile apps in development.
So what’s the price tag?
“ is free to use for all businesses. Creating a profile is free, posting is free, sharing is free. It’s what businesses need and its what they deserve.” Adrian Wheeler, founding partner.

So, there we have it. Go and check it out for yourself and grab yourself a free space on

So the Covid lockdown has given us a chance to reload and re evaluate the platform, after receiving a lot of positive and UI design feedback from hacker sites and early adopters we have been working hard on the design and function whilst also working on the promotion and pitch deck. Keep an eye out for the latest updates which are happing all the time. Thanks

News stream is live and in testing, launch imminent !! - Stay Business Connected

New brighter Logo for - Stay Business Connected

Final testing of version 2.1 cool new upgrades and a secrete feature... ready for launch in the next couple of weeks

Autocroc is looking for Investors and partners to take it to the next level...
Check out our page on the SEIS website


Autocroc Explainer Video

New logo and colour scheme

New default Avatar

Shub 2.0 is in final live testing

just built shub and launched

Completed Level 2 & 3 Autocad Design with straight distinctions, 0 mistakes in all exams well happy with that.....

started building Autocroc the free auto marketplace

Built a beta app called Revu which allow users to review each other. Didn't take it much further then the beta version.

Created Oii App for iOS & Android, the aim of the app was that you would record a loud embarrassing comment into your phone send it to a friend hoping they would click on the alert and it would play at full volume from their phone, we had great fun with it for a while

Created my first app on iOS and Android called Social Sweepstake, for sweepstakes on the World Cup winner.

Another subject that is close to my heart Ice Hockey, this website is for the History of ice hockey skates a lot of the images are from old skates in my loft that i used over the years

The website needs updating big time but still ok to view

Launched a website that is close to my heart, Ice Hockey Movies. The website was and still is the definitive list of the best 50+ movies, TV shows & documentaries every made about ice hockey. I have since re launched with a new look and web responsive design. Take a look

Created my indie company Insaneye to build apps & websites

Fibre Optic Specialist 2004 - 2012


Left school with no idea what to do so i started an apprenticeship as a mechanic in a race bike shop, i spent 3 years at Windsor college once a week getting some sort of City & Guilds qualification, got a very high mark as i remember.
I Loved working on the race bikes, TT bikes, 70’s classics, nitro conversions, The Yamaha V-Max. The Ducati 916 and Honda Fireblade had just launched they were so cool and futuristic at the time.
I left about 1998 to pursue a dream of working in computers but this didn’t actually happen for another 12 years or so !!

Skills - Qualifications - Awards - Other Notable Info

The usual web and project development stuff Project management HTML / CSS Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop AutoCad Design Level 2-3 Social Media manager

Latest News

Just launched the latest version of Shub News Stream is taking off stuff being listed from all over the world ! so good to see after all our hard work

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