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Business Social Media is a social media platform designed for the business community, enabling professionals to network, promote, expand and grow their business, brand or careers with a professional profile page. Members can post business updates to the News Stream for their followers to comment, upvote & share.

What’s more, is free to use. Simply sign up to begin your journey.


Ok we're still in beta so currently not many profiles listed (we have to start somewhere!). Please don't let that put you off joining and being an early adopter. We are continuously evolving & tweaking the design & UI to suit all browsers & devices as well as creating cool new features and developing the iOS & Android apps to make even more useful & flexible.

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Why ? is very flexible a profile can be for a personnal resume, a start up business or even a fortune 500 company !

Social Media is a very important part of the way we live, having several business social media profiles is no bad thing, in fact it's great to have lots of on online content and to post business news in as many news feeds as possible, promote and grow! gives you a professional profile with its own unique domain name, your page can be customised perfectly to your business requirements. However you arrange your profile page it will always be a beauiful design that is very easy for your customers to navigate. 

SEO & creating brand aweness is a crucial part of growing your business, so by posting on the News Stream you will increase the chances of getting noticed and improve search engine rankings.

Early adopters get the best business exposure and can secure their unique username before someone else takes it.

Create a flexible professional profile with - Bio - Reviews - Resume - Contact - IM's - Portfolios - Promo Video - Social Media Links -  Online Content Links - Website - Mobile Apps - News - Sharing - Following - Recruitment - Hashtags - @Names - Video Channels - URL's - Marketplaces - Selling - Latest Releases and More.


So who will use ?

Literially anyone who wants to promote their business 

Brands - Businesses - Start Ups - Social Media Influencers - Job Seekers - Freelancers - Musicians - Journalists - Promotors - Sports Teams - Online Specialists - Bloggers - Pubs/Bars - Marketers - Hotels - Designers - Vloggers - Crowd Funding - Events - Film Producers -  Movie Promoters - Critics - SEO Marketers - Writers - Photographers - Gamers - Artists - Sellers - Reviewers - Online Stores - Resturants

The list is endless ! can be used as your website saving the hassle of building the site, registering a domain name, hosting and all associated costs and updates! 

Start up companies really benefit from our Online Profiles field as they can add all angel list and crowdfunding page links as well as social media pages to their profile allowing potentional investors direct links to pitchdecks and promotions.


What is the News Stream ?

The News Stream is a feed for sharing news, articles, links, videos, images, gifs and discussing topics with your followers.

News Stream posts can be voted on, commented on or shared to any platform.

Users rate posts & comments by up-voting or down-voting. By incorporating this voting system into our News Stream we hope to minimize negitive posts by trolls and reduce the fake news which plagues other socila media sites so keeping a happy place to promote great business news to your followers.

Say congrats, offer help, advise or answer questions by commenting on posts made by profiles you choose to follow.

Like a post? Then quickly share it with instant messengers, sms, email, other social media sites or wherever you choose in just a few clicks.

Posts on our News Stream are listed in chronologically order so you will see posts from profiles you follow in the order they are posted and not by an algorithm deciding what you see!  

How much does it cost ?

It’s Free!  No limited access & No hidden charges !

But of course we have to make revenue somehow to cover the bills and server costs. 

So all we ask is for a small donation if helps promote your business or brand. Or maybe you like it and want to say thank you for making it free to use.

Maybe you want a peice of the action? Then join our equity crowd funding campaign.

Some users will upgrade to completely remove adverts on their profile page, others will upgrade to replace these adverts with their own promotions and links.

To find out about how you can donate, crowdfund or change adverts select 'Upgrade' in the main menu from your profile page. Examples

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Or do you want to know more?

Check our FAQ in the info tab at the bottom of any page or contact us directly.

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